Thomas Harvey

Founder of MMRMS Studio

London, United Kingdom

My use of black models isn’t political, it was definitely born from a lack of representation in the fashion world


Designer of MMRMS STUDIO, the London based label, inspired by Jamaican dancehall culture.

Q What does the London scene offer for young designers today?

A The London scene is full of so much art and multiculturalism which is unique in so many ways. You Have access to different sub-cultures and massive art/education institutions. As competitive as it is for young designers today there are great elements of community and collaboration that happen here which has helped me so much on my journey.

Q How has the LGBTQ+ community and queer nightlife inspired your work as a designer?

A It’s happened quite naturally. Being born in Jamaica, growing up in a Jamaican household there were always parties, birthdays, christenings (I have a huge family lol) etc. So I grew up loving Sound systems. More specifically into my adulthood I was introduced to amazing Queer POC spaces that celebrated black and brown bodies. The confidence and unapologetic energy from the people and their looks are really what started to shape my aesthetic and make me think more retrospectively about my culture and what I want to say to the world.

Q What have been the difficulties with launching MMRMS STUDIOS?

A After interning in fashion/retail for most of my time in education, I knew that I wanted to explore my own ideas and create an outlet for them. Just with any start-up, the biggest difficulty is financing and making sure that you’re careful with your spending. Which generally looks like freelancing doing 50 different jobs which are quite chaotic, but it really is that chaos that feeds my energy and influences my ideas.

Q What do you consider a brand’s most important core values to be?

A Anyone who is creating currently, along with their personal taste, should be discussing or tackling current issues. Of course, I want you to feel incredible wearing my clothes but I’m constantly thinking as a brand, how can I help to push thoughts/culture forward?

Q What does your brand stand for, and how is this reflected in your work?

A Taking up space being unapologetically yourself, and if the space is not there, make your own! Although my use of black models isn’t political, it was definitely born from a lack of representation in the fashion world. It's important for black and POC people to see themselves in these fashion and art spaces.

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